Embassy News

Announcement of Startup Support Project

Busan Metropolitan City Government runs Start-up Support Project for Foreigners in an effort to support foreign business operators, and foreigners and international students willing to establish a start-up in Korea.

Period: May 2, 2018 – May 31, 2018

Eligible Applicants: Foreigners and immigrants who have a registered business in Korea, or who are willing to establish a start-up in Korea

Eligible Type of Businesses: Businesses on manufacturing, ICT, service, trade, and distribution, and idea-based start-ups

Application: by e-mail(hyunju@bepa.kr)

Support: Comprehensive support including office spaces, business funds, and consulting

Number of Participants: Around 10 person(s)

Inquiries: Busan Economic Promotion Agency(+82 51 600 1855),

Busan Metropolitan City Government(+82 51 888 6734)

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