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Welcome on our website, where we provide various information regarding the political, economic and cultural relations between Romania and South Korea, as well as relevant events held here or in our country. Moreover, we invite those interested in the consular services offered by our embassy to refer to the special section on these issues for the necessary information regarding the specific documents and procedures.

Established only 25 years before, our diplomatic relations continue to grow deeper and wider, based on an enhanced mutual interest, which is visible in frequent high-level and working-level official visits, and in direct exchanges between academic and cultural communities in both countries. For Romania, South Korea is a strategic partner, with which we share many common values such as democracy, human rights, the rule of law and open market economy. In its turn, the Republic of Korea regards Romania as an important partner, both given the significant potential of our bilateral relations, especially in the economic field, as well as given the fact that our country is a member of the European Union, and the strategic dialogue between EU and South Korea has been constantly expanding to the point that, for example, the two parts signed in 2010 a bilateral free-trade agreement.

The role of our embassy is to further help boosting the relations between Romania and the Republic of Korea, and to facilitate the direct contacts and mutual understanding between our peoples and cultures. In this regard, we hope you will find this website useful, as a window open to Romania and to the Romanian-South Korean relations. Waiting for your feed-back, we welcome any suggestions, opinions and observations on this site.


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