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Romanian Embassy in the Republic of Korea has been operating since the official establishment of the diplomatic relations in 1990. Our role is to help boosting the development of exchanges between Romania and the Republic of Korea on politic, economic and cultural level, as well as to facilitate the direct contacts of local communities and the mutual understanding between our two peoples. 

During these 25 years since the official initiation, the bilateral relations have been significantly enhanced. At present, the Republic of Korea is one of the strategic partners of Romania in Asia-Pacific, the first country in the region with which we upgraded our relations to a strategic level. The main landmarks of the recent historic streamline are the following: the signing of the Joint Declaration on the Establishment of the Bilateral Strategic Partnership (during the official visit to the Republic of Korea of the President of Romania September 2008), completed in 2010 by the Joint Plan of Action for the implementation of the partnership; the launch of the governmental cooperation program in the field of education and culture (September 2008); Romania’s participation in Yeosu World Expo 2012 with a pavilion dedicated to the Danube Delta that attracted more than 800.000 visitors; Romania’s participation at the level of Head of State to the Nuclear Security Summit (Seoul 2012), an additional occasion to reiterate our commitments regarding the Romanian-South Korean cooperation within various multilateral frameworks.

Regarding the economic bilateral relations, there has been a constant increase in the overall volume of trade, presently reaching the 1 billion USD, as of 2011. However, the untapped estimated potential is still high. Romania is therefore concentrating its efforts on bringing this potential to fruition and on balancing the trade flux, by promoting the Romanian products and the opportunities for foreign investments in our country.

One of the most dynamic fields of bilateral relations is the cultural exchanges and the people-to-people contacts. The two countries offer mutual scholarships on an annual basis, and in addition there is an ever expanding number of universities that establish sister-ship relations, especially between linguistic departments in both countries (such relations exist between Hankuk International Studies University of Seoul and respectively three Romanian universities, i.e. the University of Bucharest, Iaşi University, Babeş – Bolyai University of Cluj.)


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